Information on COVID-19 (Corona virus) 

Situation in Kainuu 

  • Corona epidemic is yet on. The risk of exposition is moderate, current overall epidemical situation is steady.


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    1. Get Covid19 vaccines when offered. Vaccines provide effective protection against severe covid19-disease. 
    2. If you get a positive test result for Covid19-infection, it is recommended voluntarily to avoid contacts outside your household until your syptoms are clearly reduced and fever is absent (normally 3 - 5 days). Instructions apply with other respiratory infections, too.

    3. Remember hygiene: Wash hands, use a face mask and keep safety distance with other people and maintain good ventilation in order to minimize infections.


According to the THL recommendation, corona vaccination is offered to children aged 6 months to 11 years belonging to risk groups based on an individual assessment. A child of this age can benefit from vaccination if he has an underlying disease that may predispose him to serious corona disease. For example, diseases and conditions that severely weaken the function of the lungs and heart or the body's defenses can predispose to severe corona disease. Corona vaccinations for children aged 6 months to 11 years - THL

Most of the diseases are very rare and the child is then monitored by special medical care. The attending physician is best able to assess whether the child belongs to a risk group and whether he will benefit from the basic set.

Children's vaccination appointment

6 months – 7 year olds (not yet in school) year olds from the counseling center

7-year-olds (those in school) - 11-year-olds school health care

Information about corona vaccinations for children aged 6 months to 4 years Information about corona vaccinations for the guardian of a child aged 5 to 11 years (

Information about corona vaccinations for 5-11 year olds Information about corona vaccinations for the guardian of a 5-11 year old child (

If the minor is not able to decide about his vaccination himself or he does not want to decide on the matter, consent to the vaccination will be asked from the guardian(s). Consent must be obtained from all those who have the right to decide on the health care of the child. Guardian's consent for a minor's corona vaccination (

Vaccinations of the target groups of the autumn-winter 2022 booster dose of the corona vaccine will continue in spring-winter 2023

all over 65 years of age
Those over 18 years of age belong to the medical risk groups
severely immunocompromised persons over 12 years of age

If a member of the above target group has been vaccinated with the autumn winter 2022 booster dose, there is no need for a new booster dose in the spring winter of 2023 until THL gives instructions on the following booster doses.

For the target groups of the booster dose in fall winter 2022 and spring winter 2023, it is no longer calculated how many vaccines a person has received in the past or how many times he has possibly contracted the corona virus. You can get a booster dose when at least three months have passed since the last vaccine dose or the corona virus.

According to the national program, those whose health is seriously threatened by influenza or whose health is significantly benefited from vaccination receive the INFLUENZA VACCINATION free of charge.

  • Children (6 months–6 years)
  • Pregnant women
  • Everyone over the age of 65
  • Due to illness or treatment, they belong to a risk group
  • Close circle of those particularly susceptible to severe influenza (THL guidelines)
  • Men start their conscription service and women start voluntary military service
  • Social, healthcare and pharmaceutical personnel

Those who do not belong to the risk group can take the vaccination at their own expense. You can send a request for a prescription for the influenza vaccine to the health center via Omasote ( or you can request a prescription by calling your own health center. After getting the vaccine from the pharmacy, you can come and vaccinate yourself on the vaccination days mentioned below.

Vaccinations by municipality


HYRYNSALMI, counseling center, Kiviöntie 11
By appointment by phone 044 797 0188

Corona vaccination ONLY by appointment
Appointment via and by phone
General medicine polyclinic, 08 6156 7207 (until 17 April 2023)

Central helpline, main health center, Satamakatu 2, 044 739 3097 (from 18 April 2023)

KUHMO, counseling (Kainuuntie 89)
By appointment or 08 6156 5707

PALTAMO, counseling (Salmelankuja 2B)
By appointment or 044 288 5218

RISTIJÄRVI, health center (Saukontie 2-4)
By appointment or 044 288 5218

SOTKAMO, counseling center (Keskuskatu 11)
By appointment or 08 6156 5053

SUOMUSSALMI, Terveysasema (Välkärinkuja 2)
By appointment or 044 777 3098

Questions and answers regarding Corona vaccines

Why doesn't everyone get a boost?

The previously recommended vaccine doses and the diseased corona infection still provide excellent protection against serious disease for basic healthy people under the age of 65.

The target groups of the booster dose have a higher risk of serious disease and the protection against a serious form of disease gradually weakens, so it should be intensified.

Will there be new doses after the autumn winter boost?

For the time being, more doses are not recommended for those who have received the autumn-winter booster dose. THL will inform about possible new recommendations later.

Dose intervals

The dose interval between the first and second dose is 6–12 weeks.

Third dose of vaccine

For severely immunocompromised persons over 12 years of age, when at least 2 months have passed since the second dose.
The third dose of vaccine can be given to people over 60 years of age and those in risk groups over 18 years of age, when 3–4 months have passed since the second vaccination.
For 18-59-year-olds who do not belong to risk groups, the dose can be given 4–6 months after the second dose.
For 12-17-year-olds, the third vaccine dose can be given 6 months after the second dose for special reasons. (e.g. for vaccination certificate)

Fourth dose of vaccine

For 60-64 year olds
For people aged 18-59 who belong to medical risk groups
It is given with a variant vaccine when at least 3 months have passed since the third dose. A case of corona virus is equivalent to one vaccine dose. For example, if you have received three vaccine doses and contracted the corona virus, you do not need a booster dose now.

Children's corona vaccinations

THL recommends corona vaccinations

for 5–11-year-olds belonging to risk groups
Risk groups of children aged 5-11
for those aged 5–11 who have a severely immunocompromised person in their close circle.
Who is considered severely immunocompromised?
Corona vaccinations are also offered to all other children between the ages of 5 and 11.

Corona vaccinations are given to 5-11 year olds in two doses.

Vaccines to be used

Mainly used in Kainuu

Comirnaty Original/Omicron BA.4–5 variant vaccine is used for basic and booster vaccination of adults, and children's Comirnaty mRNA vaccine is used for children.
The Nuvaxovid protein vaccine can be given as a basic vaccine if the vaccinee has a medical impediment to take other vaccines, or the vaccinee does not want to take other vaccines. In Finland, the Nuvaxovid vaccine is not recommended for men and boys under the age of 30.


Take your (barcoded) ID card, driver's license or KELA card with you to speed up the recording of vaccination information. Dress in such a way that the upper arm can be easily exposed.

Vaccination instructions for minors

A minor can decide to take the vaccine himself, if the vaccinator judges that the young person is mature enough to make the decision.
If the young person does not want or is not able to decide on his own vaccination, consent to the vaccination will be asked from the guardians. Consent from guardians is required in writing, which can be given using a consent form. must be filled out and taken with it printed to the vaccination. If the young person has more than one guardian, consent to vaccination is required from all guardians.


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