Kainuu Central Hospital

Kainuu Central Hospital Accident and Emergency Department offers access when your local health centre is closed.

Contact details:

Kainuu Central Hospital
Sotkamontie 13
87300 Kajaani

tel: +358 8 61561 (office hours only)


Medical Helpline

tel: 116 117 

Medical Helpline is giving advice and guidance in matters regarding healthcare and social services. Please call Medical Helpline before you go to an emergency clinic. In an urgent or life threatening emergency, call the emergency number 112 instead.

Central Hospital Accident and Emergency Department deals with emergencies, acute illnesses and accidents, treating patients

  • who require care within 24 hours of the incident
  • to whom delayed access to care may cause permanent damage to health
  • whose life is threatened

Call at night time (i.e. between 22:00 and 7:00) only in a case of such medical emergency that cannot wait till the morning.