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COVID vaccination information videos:


۱۹ 􁗬􁖔 ک د کرونا 􁘍 روس جد 􁗬


CO­VID- فيروس كورونا المستجد – 19

No­vel co­ro­na­vi­rus – CO­VID-19

Af­ka Soo­maa­li­ga: Ko­ro­na fay­ras­ka cu­sub – CO­VID-19

русский: Новый коронавирус – CO­VID-19

Uus ko­roo­na­vii­rus – CO­VID-19 



    Further information in Finnish, English and several other languages at our website or at website of Finnish Health and Welfare Institute.


    General CO­VID-19 information for visitors in Kainuu region 

    COVID-19 Si­tua­tion in Fin­land (Up­da­te official in­for­ma­tion ( – in english)

    Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority (Kainuun sote) is responsible for all health services in Kainuu Region. If you need ur­gent me­di­cal ca­re, please call

    • Me­di­cal Help­li­ne tel: 116 117. In an ur­gent or li­fe th­rea­te­ning emer­gen­cy, call the emer­gen­cy num­ber 112 ins­tead.

    You will find more COVID19 information on our websites where information is also available in other languages:

    Co­vid-19 inst­ruc­tions in eng­lish, CO­VID_Kai­nuu_Ve­nä­jäk­si_RU_Rus­sian.pdf




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      Useful links for COVID-19 / Coronavirus: 

      COVID-19 Coronavirus: Guidance for travelers to Finland 

      Pandemiainfo in english (Finnish institute for health and welfare) Latest updates (Eng, Fra, Rus, Esp.)

      Updates about the corona situation: Many matters can be dealt with online, do not visit a service point if you are unwell

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